Aelfleah Farm is a small family-run BLUE STAR Arabian and Arabian-influenced sport breeding farm.  Located just 45 minutes Southeast of Dallas, Aelfleah Farm is the place to find your next Best Friend!

Whether you are looking for a sport prospect for yourself or for a youth rider, or are looking for a sport stallion to compliment your breeding program, we at Aelfleah Farm will be happy to talk pony with you! 

Our goal is to produce a top large pony or small horse suitable for the majority of adult and youth amateur riders, being under 15.2 hands in height, having family oriented personalities for dealing with the rigors of a one pony/multiple rider home and the conformation to excel in such sport disciplines as combined driving, combined training, dressage, endurance riding, showjumping.

In pursuit of our production goals, Aelfleah Farm believes strongly in the preservation of the original Arabian blood as defined by the Blue Arabian Horse Catalog.  The BLUE STAR Arabian, representing the original Arabian horse, is the ideal out-cross for breeding modern sportponies.  The breeding of BLUE STAR's runs much different from the breeding of the modern Arabians intended for the show ring.  Because of the lack of concern for the original Bedouin type among breeder's of the modern Arabian, the modern Arabian has a mostly deserved reputation for not being suitable in form and function for sport disciplines, being too flat across the croup and too upright in the gaits with a distinct lack of true forwardness.  This is not the case with BLUE STAR breeding.  The Hamdani strain in particular is suitable for all sport disciplines, having a substantial engine, well balanced conformation, forward reaching gaits, and a temperament suited to the rigorous demands of these sports while the Abayyan strain, well-famed for refined beauty, upward build, lofty gaits, and true gentle dispositions, adds that little bit extra needed to make a sport horse really stand out from the herd.

Pedigrees can be seen of all of our horses, allowing the researcher the opportunity to study the various crosses and follow certain traits down through the lines.

In breeding our BLUE STAR Arabians, we seek to create a balanced blend of all of the imported lines available in North America without any one particular line overpowering the remainder of the pedigree.  To do this, we will initially rely on those breeders of the BLUE STAR Arabians with closed herds of the two main sub-types of BLUE STAR, the F-T-S-M/F-T-S-M-A lines and the Straight Desert lines.

The second component of our production goals, is the Arabian-influenced sportpony.  While the BLUE STAR Arabian represents to us the perfect all-around sporthorse, we realize that the BLUE STAR is more of a generalist than a specialist, at least outside of endurance riding.  To breed the specialist in the sport disciplines, we feel out-crossing to the Arabian produces the perfect sport prospect.  To this end, we are also breeding Arabian-influenced Sportponies and Sporthorses of not more than 75% Arabian blood and support the Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International sporthorse registry.